How to turn your windows 10 PC into a Wifi hotspot

Ever wanted to share your internet connection with someone and wondered how to go about it on your windows 10 PC? Now there is simple method to do the same with an app called ‘Virtual Router’ without being pestered by lengthy complicated processes on the system settings.

Turn Pc into Wifi hotspot
PC into a Wifi hotspot

There are many occasions that one may want to convert their PC into a live wifi hotspot. You may require it at the single wifi access providing hotels or probably in a conference at your office. Well now with windows 10 in your PC’s it’s a fairly easy process. You could either system boot your PC to give access to other computers or even easier; download the free app called ‘Virtual Router’ and covert your PC into a wifi hotspot to be shared with your friends and colleagues whenever and wherever you require it and that also according to your own time specifications.

 Following are the steps that you could follow to install it in your PC:

  1. Download and install the app called ‘Virtual Router’ from your respective play stores. This app is absolutely free and also does not come with any buggers and excessive space consuming malware.
  2. Once installed, it shows a manager box that needs to be filled before finally using your PC as a hotspot. Fill in the particular sections of Name, password (at least an 8 letter word since this is a WPA2 security) and finally select the connection type of your choice from the dropdown link depending upon your connection (Ethernet or Wifi). Click ‘start’.
  3. Also make sure that the connection sharing on your PC is enabled. To do that, from the start menu choose ‘view network connections’, choosing the connection type (Ethernet or Wifi) right click for the ‘properties’ tab to appear.

From this tab click on the ‘sharing’ option and check on ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet’.

Now you are good to go!

  • Once configured, you may connect to your PC’s new wifi hotspot as usual. The name you selected will show up which can be accessed through the password you had put. The app will also show the IP address and the MAC address of the computers connecting through it when in use.
  • Once you are done with your work or you choose to move somewhere else and change your location; you may stop the app by simply going to the app and clicking on ‘Stop Virtual Router’. You can always start it up again later whenever necessary. 

Presence of proper configured app not only keeps the computer safe from any unwanted wifi hackers looking for an free access to some one’s wifi, but it also gives a proper account of whatever usage of wifi is made from an external link to the original user. Therefore it is always suggested to have a secured app for converting one’s PC into a wifi hotspot rather than simply configuring it in your PC’s settings. There are also other apps available on the app store but most of them come with high in app costs and may not be that efficient to use with their complicated procedures.