BlackBerry Passport – How to Turn off Instant Previews ? – Fast Guidance

Blackberry passport has few unique innovated features like screenshot shooting and message checking instantly.  Well, to avoid chaos, turn of the instant previews and notification alerts on your blackberry. 2 minute quick tech assistance on blackberry-how to turn off instant previews/message alerts mode is fruitful to a beginner.

How to Turn on Instant Previews on Blackberry?

Before turning off the instant previews on Blackberry Z10 or any other sophisticated model, you should learn how to activate the instant previews option.  To be frank, instant Gmail alerts, messages and notifications alerts happen to confirm the entry of new email/text message online. Without closing the running mobile apps toolkits, you are able to check the instant message which pops up on a small window screen.  To turn on the instant preview screen on blackberry z10,
  • Choose Blackberry Hub
  • Tap instant preview mode
  • Get message alert confirmation  on spot  

Quick Guide on Blackberry Passport –How to Turn off Instant Previews

  • Open the ‘settings’ menu
  • Select notification mode
  • Deactivate instant turn-off preview option
Take Online Guide
If you are a newcomer with newly brought blackberry handset, you may be unfamiliar with the technical configuration of notification alert systems to deactivate. Well, problem is solved because of easy availability of perfect solutions. Online experts’ instant guide to assist people enhances the fast deactivation of instant preview mode. 24×7 guide  is undoubtedly helpful to many guys how to wipe out sudden problem of massive notification alert.
Switch off instant preview to do free browsing on Blackberry handset. Your device must not create disturbance at the time of serious navigation. In this connection, kindly cross check previous demos and sample models to have information how to stop instant message entry alert.