Easy Step By Step Instruction To Remove Your Apple ID Account

If you use any of these – iTunes, iCloud or App store, then, you probably also have an Apple ID. Now, one of the most annoying thing about using an Apple gadget, product or applications not being able to delete this Apple ID account, when you want to.Apple Id is your account which is needed to access the Apple’s product and services like, iTunes, iMessage, iCloud, App Store. It is easy to create an Apple Id, which is just like creating an email with some additional information but extremely difficult to remove it. There are several reasons for which you would want to remove the Apple account permanently. You may like to change your email ID for your iTunes account, but unless you remove Apple ID, you cannot do that, because, your default email address is your Apple ID. Apple’s policy prevents you from doing it. But, fortunately, there are ways you can delete an Apple ID permanently. In this article, you will find a step by step guide to doing exactly this.

Apple ID Account Could Be Deleted Using Apple Support

You should be aware of the fact that, there is no automated process for removing an Apple ID, you need to contact Apple’s Support Panel. Below are the steps to do it – 

•    Visit the page – www.apple.com/privacy/contact

Using Apple Support
Apple’s Support Panel

•    Select the option “I have a question about ‘Privacy issues’”

•    A form similar to the picture shown above will open

•    Fill out all the details

•    And submit it by clicking the Submit button

•    Close tabs and wait for some time (days) to get a reply from Apple

•    If you get the response you were looking for then, it’s done.

You can permanently delete your Apple ID Account by calling their support center as well. There is another way of deleting your Apple ID Account permanently through Apple’s Support Panel. This is done by removing all email address associated with Apple. This is an online process which also involves calling Apple’s Support Panel. The steps are given below – 

First, you need to remove all your email address associated with Apple 

•    You need to visit the link –appleid.apple.com

remove all your email

•    Then sign in with your Apple ID

•    Go to Account section and click on the Edit option

•    Then click on X beside each of the email addresses to remove them

Next step is to generate a security PIN, which is required during the process of deleting your Apple Id 

•    To generate a security PIN, you should click on Generate PIN option

•    A security PIN will be generated

•    Then, backup any emails or files you want to

•    Then from Contact Apple page find the appropriate Apple ID Account security No. for your region

•    Make a call to relevant support ph. No. and explain why you want to delete your Apple ID

•    Hang up the call after the conversation and you are done

•    You can delete Apple ID from your PC

Below Are The Steps To Remove Apple ID From Your PC 

•    On your PC, open iTunes

•    Then sign in with your Apple ID

•    Click on the Store option

•    Select View My Account

•    Then select De-authorize All to remove all your PC authorizations linked with Apple ID (you will find it under the Account information section)

•    After clicking the De-authorization, All buttons go to Manage Devices option

•    Then select remove for all the authorizations 

•    Let the PC complete its task, click on the done button, and you are done.

You Can Follow The Below-Mentioned Steps To Delete Apple ID From Iphone / IOS Device

This is the only process to delete the account from your iPhone, and it is almost similar to the process of any other Android phone

•    Go to the settings of iTunes & App Store

•    Move down and find ‘iTunes & App Store’ option

•    Then click the Apple ID button

•    Then select Sign Out

•    This will sign you out from your iPhone

•    Close tabs after finishing