Few Easy Ways For Fixing The Problem Of Msvcr120.Dll Missing From Pc

You may have faced problems in installing any application on your Computer because the program was not starting due to the MSVCR120.dll missing from your PC. This can happen due to some Windows file missing, faulty installation of the file or due to the Visual C++ being absent. This error occurs after you try to start a newly installed program and is quite frequent. It can also occur due to a corrupted DLL file or due to a missing one. These files have often blocked the installation of many games and programs in the Windows Operating System.

What Is A DLL File?

It can be defined as a vital link library file format employed for holding the numerous codes & procedures for the Windows programs.

NOTE*-the file msvcr120.dll needs to function correctly for some games or applications. This      DLL is present in Visual C++ 2013 runtime.

It can show an error code notification such as,

The two key reasons for the program not being able to start because of the ‘MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer’ Windows PC Error:

  • Windows PC fault problem
  • DLL file lost issue


How To Resolve The Problem?

  1. Copy the MSVCR120.dll Library to Windows System Directory

  • Either you download the MSVCR120.dll file and copy it to installation folder of game/app, or you do it in the Windows System folder
  • Close all the tabs, after the copying is done and restart your PC.

FOR 32-Bit PC

  • Download the Msvcr120.dll file and install it in your PC
  • Copy paste the Msvcr120.dll file into C:\Windows\System32Directory
  • Open the CMD on your PC and the Command line in CMD


  • When you now press Enter to run it, the Command will remove the damaged registry of the MSVCR120.dll library and you need to make a fresh registry to replace it in the Windows Registry Editor
  • Copy paste the given command line in the CMD


  • Press Enter to run it. It will create a fresh new registry replacing the damaged one.
  • Close all the windows after doing all this and restart your computer.


For 64-Bit PC


  • Download the Msvcr120.dll and install it in your PC
  • Copy paste the Msvcr120.dll file into C:\Windows\sysWOW64 directory folder
  • Open the Command Prompt and paste the given Command line in the CMD


  • press Enter and run it which will help in cleaning the damaged Msvcr120.dll library and you can form a new registry by using the following command file


  • paste this into the Command Prompt and press enter to start it.
  • Close all the tabs after you are done with this and restart your computer.
  1. Reinstall the Application that requires MSVCR120.dll File-

In order to resolve the issue of the program not starting due to the MSVCR120.dll missing Windows7, one can reinstall the application that needs the Msvcr120.dll library file.

  1. Updating The Application-

You can get back the program that was unable to start by updating the application to the latest version.

  1. Install all Windows Updates-

Your Msvcr120.dll missing problem can be fixed by installing the Windows Update or downloading the driver updates that are available.

  1. Cleaning Registry And Optimizing PC

One more easy way to get rid of this problem is by cleaning your registry and optimizing the PC

  1. Deleting The Old Msvcr120.Dll File

You can erase this problem by deleting the old Msvcr120.dll file and installing a new one in its place.

  1. Run A Scan On Your Windows PC

You can also solve the problem of the program not starting by running the SFC scan of your Windows PC.

  1. Use System File Checker Tool

You can use the system file checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files.

  1. Copying The Msvcr120.Dll Library Into The Program Installation Directory-
  • Install the dynamic link library to the installation directory of program which can be found in Properties in Program Shortcut
  • Click on the Shortcut tab and the Open file location tab.
  • Copy the Msvcr120.dll file and then close all tabs after completing the process.
  1. A Clean Installation Of The Program Showing Error
  • Go to the start menu and click on Control Panel. Click on the Program and Features option or search for Run. Type appwiz.cpl there. This will open the Programs and Features.
  • It will show a list of PC programs after which you will find the erroneous one and uninstall it.
  • After uninstalling it, close all the windows and reboot your PC. Once, that is done, reinstall the same program and then close all the tabs after its reinstallation.

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  1. Download The Package From Microsoft 
  • Download the file from Microsoft’s official website. Install and Run it.
  • While running it, you will see the vcredist_arm.exefile
  • Click on the repair option and then close all tabs are resolving it. Reboot your PC.

Thus, given above are some guidelines to help you resolve the problem of the program not starting due missing MSVCR120.ll from your Computer Windows.