How to Enable USB Mass Storage Unit on Blackberry Passport?

With times proceedings, Blackberry is undergoing very fast structural innovation to emerge as a hardcore competitor challenging other rivals in the digital industry.  Blackberry passport is certainly a new platform for users because of the advancement to store audio files, pictures and photos.  USB mass storage unit has been added to the Blackberry Passport for better uniqueness.  

Use In-built Media SD Card as USB Data Storage Device

To be frank, micro SD card which has expandable data storing bandwidth can be transformed into the massive USB mass storage unit for activating any infotainment system with such pen-drive like USB port/ external memory card.

Z10 Model with Innovated USB Mass Storage Unit

Truly speaking, it is really a matter of superb discovery when you use your Blackberry Z10 smart phone as the audio system. It has the in-built secure digital memory card and you can easily insert it into the USB port of the in-car infotainment.  It will be activated and it plays music. Listed songs stored in the expandable SD memory card of Blackberry Z10 can be played nicely through the car infotainment which is equipped with the sophisticated USB mass storage mode.  

Enable SD Media Card to Work as Mass USB Storage Device

Learn how to enable SD Media Card into Mass USB storage unit. It is simple. Naturally, USB cards are small pen-drive shaped devices which are detachable. Certainly, these USB cards for storing data, pictures and videos/pdf files/movies can be installed or inserted into CPU of computers. It is also a good in-car accessory. It is a qualitative custom data storing memory card which can be expanded.  However, in-built memory card or SD card can’t be activated as a USB device. Z10 is one of the best Blackberry models which have such remarkable facility.
To activate the SD memory card as the USB digital mass storing unit, obviously couple of basic tech formalities must be maintained.
Steps to Be Followed
  • Go to open the ‘Settings’ option on Blackberry  Z10 model
  • Tap data storing option
  • Opt for access
  • Run the USB mass storage unit  

Download Songs /Videos to Share with USB Mass Storage Unite of Blackberry Model

So, it is now your favorite music playing option and you can use it anywhere when you are on foreign tours.  Travelling by car or train, Z10 model will be your best friend and its USB mass storage unit will help you to play the music without exporting data from mobile phone to the targeted device.  You won’t have to jail break your system as well.
In this connection, Blackberry Z10 model previews, tech support and free demos on internet must be effective to people. Blackberry has upgraded its Z10 model fantastically. Download free videos from computers and then these songs can be shared with Z10 model. USB massive media data storage cad will give the instant support to play songs easily.