How To Grow An Email Subscription List Through Your Website

Is direct communication a serious problem that you face when it comes to building traffic for your website? Or are you fed up of solely relying on social media platform such as Google, Twitter or Facebook to draw traffic to your website? Well, one alternative that you have to make you website bloom in terms of traffic is building an email list. 

Why build an Email list? 

Websites heavily rely on Google traffic to improve or maintain their Google rankings. However, recent years have shown that this is quite temporary. Google algorithms tend to change quickly, which may destroy the site rankings. Google has penalized a number of websites in the recent past, which led to a dramatic decrease in the traffic overnight. 

 build an Email list
Email list

Facebook isn’t that safe as well. While you may think of spending years to build your fan base and followers on Facebook, you are bound to feel sheer disappointment when it asks you to pay to let your followers see all your posts. 

In such a scenario, building an email list helps establish a direct communication channel with your followers. Building trust and relationship through constant emailing ensures that you fetch the most loyal followers. The receiver of the email specifically starts to look for your constant communication in their inbox.

Sending constant emails also help you to sell your own products and others’ product, which in turn helps you earn affiliate revenue and commission.

Things to do: 

First: Use Email Marketing Service

Sending emails to each and every follower manually is a tedious task. Gone are those days when people used to send bulk emails to their email list from Outlook or any other email client. 

The best way to send frequent e-mails to your growing list of contacts is through one of the email marketing services available today. Emma, iContact and MailChimp are a few examples of the platforms that provide email marketing services to small and large businesses. 

 Use Email Marketing Service
Marketing Service


Have you ever had a trouble drafting or designing a creative email for marketing purposes? One of the biggest advantages of using an email marketing service is that it already has pre-designed email templates to choose from. So, you really don’t need to worry about the visuals and the coding part at all.

The pre-designed templates available on a specific email marketing service are not fixed. That is, you can customize and modify the template according to your business needs and marketing content. 

The ability of the email marketing service to manage your email list directly further acts like a cherry on the top. For example, if a user wants to remove the subscription to the email or refer it to a friend, the email marketing service directly adds or removes the email contact from the list. There is hardly anything that you need to do.

Second: Use Email List Builder

Importance of email list building plugin

It is nearly impossible to earn from your website if you do not have an email list. The greater the number of subscribers you have, the more is your sales. A good email list helps build targeted traffic for your website, grow sales and increase the return on investment. 

There are a number of email list building plugins that help you boost the number of subscribers that you have for your website. But the question is, why should you use an email list building plugin?

Use Email List Builder
List Builder


List building plugins help to grow the mail list quickly. In addition, the plugin comes with a number of features such as popup forms and drag and drop options that help boost email subscribers. 

You get additional benefits in terms of subscribers when you are offering a free product and using a great plugin. Research suggests that the number of subscribers grows comparatively quickly when you offer a freebie while using a great email building plugin. 

Grow email subscriber list with the best list building tool

One of the best email list building tool is ConvertPlug. It is a WordPress popup plugin from BrainstormForce, which offers a smart and non-invasive roadmap for faster conversions and perfect list building. It is all you need to bring back your potential customers who are leaving because your offers and products do not ring a bell in their heart.

ConvertPlug helps build an email list. It has a built-in email collector that is compatible with MailChimp, Active Campaign, HubSpot, MyEmma, Mad Mimi, Aweber, iContact, GetResponse and many more email marketing services.

email subscriber list with the best list building tool
building tool


In addition to the email list, ConvertPlug helps build a pool of social followers for your website with the help of customized pop ups. It also displays targeted offers to the customers, customized according to their needs and interest.

One of the greatest benefits of ConvertPlug is that it can easily detect the visitor’s intent when it comes to exit and then comes up with a customized popup to make them come back. It presents the right message at the right time and engages the visitor quite effectively, turning him into a subscriber or customer. 

You don’t necessarily need to be from a coding background to be able to make an effective use of ConvertPlug. It is fast and easy, with an option to create a pops up according to the requirement. In addition, it is lightweight and completely customizable. 

ConvertPlug is priced at a reasonable cost of $21.

And Then, How To Grow Email Subscriber List Easily? 

One of the biggest questions to grow email subscriber list is to know how to do it. Here are some of the best ways by which you can grow email subscriber list easily:

With Exit Intent Technology

The key to have a strong subscriber base is by finding a way to convert the users who are about to leave your site to your potential customers. Converting visitors to buyers is one of the best ways to make full use of the money you spend on driving traffic on your site. 

The use of exit-intent technology allows you to get customers as they are about to leave your website. Thus, it helps improve the conversion rates in your website.

GIF Image:

Whenever a visitor is about to navigate away from your website by closing the window or clicking on one of the links in the favourites section, the exit-intent technology throws up a pop up in front of them. The pop up may offer some incentive to the visitor to complete their order or might give a special offer to make sure that the customers stays on the website to make purchases. 

By making use of exit-intent technology, you get a second chance to convert the visitor into potential buyer. Absence of exit-intent technology means that the visitor would just leave without signing up or buying the product, which will hinder you from growing an email subscriber list. 

There are different ways to make use of this second chance offered by the exit-intent technology. You can choose to change the offer or the special discount, capture the contact information of the visitor or simply reinforce the original sales message.

Using exit-intent technology boosts the sign up rate of the visitors. In addition, the recovery of the abandoned shopping cart with the help of this technology further helps improve the conversion rates. 

With Multiple Display Optin Options

One of the other best ways to get more email subscribers is to use as much e-mail sign up forms as possible. However, make sure not to overburden the visitor. 

Some of these places that can be used to incorporate a subscription form include: 

Top of the sidebar: Putting the subscription form on the top of the sidebar is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not lose out on valuable customers. You lose email subscribers even when you move the form a little below the sidebar. 

 Multiple Display Optin Options
Multiple Display

Website footer: It is a common understanding that if a visitor reached the footer of your website, he or she is probably interested in signing up. Therefore, it is important to include a display optin option in the footer in the form of an email sign up to build the contact list.

Multiple Display Optin Options
Website footer:

Slide in option: Anything sliding from the left or right of the website page immediately captures the attention of the visitor. Therefore, it is one of the places that you can use to put the email subscription to grow your list. 

immediately captures the attention of the visitor
Slide in option

Sticky boxes: Sticky boxes to the right and left of the screen are yet another places to put the email subscription option.

 Sticky boxes to the right and left of the screen
Sticky boxes

With Less-Is-More Technique

The “less-is-more” theory focuses on the use of less links, options and other distractions on the landing page as a strategy to improve the conversion rates. Experts say that to make your home page most effective and almost perfect, keep as limited number of links and options as possible. 

With Less-Is-More Technique

To make the best use of the technique, it is important to understand the intricacies associated with the quality conversion. For example, it is important for you to understand the number of social sharing buttons that you should have on your homepage to boost traffic and the number of fields that you should have in the form. 

In total, it is important to figure out what amount of “less” is okay to boost the traffic, enhance conversion rate and add on to the email subscriber list.

Some of the techniques that you can consider to use to boost conversion include:

  • Use social media buttons as a “call-to-action.” Do not put all icons on the home page. Remember, the greater the button, more distractor the visitor would get. It is important to select and display only those social media buttons as call-to-action that work the best for your website. In case you are not active on certain social media platforms, think of eliminating such buttons. 
  • Stick to a limited number and to-the-point registration process. It makes it easier for the user to sign up. Too many registration options and complicated registration process would do any good for the conversion rate. 
  • Keep the registration form simple and short with a limited number of quality leads. Less number of form field help with lead generation. However, always remember to test the form fields and check the information hierarchy.

With Social Media

Social media works wonders for both small and large businesses. From Twitter to Facebook, there are several success stories associated with social medial platforms when it comes to the efforts for growing an email subscriber list.

 stories associated with social medial platforms
Social Media


You can make an effective use of the following social media strategies to grow your email subscriber list: 

  • Start a Twitter campaign. It may be related to a free source or product such as an ebook or a discount. The campaign could gather the emails of the visitor by simply asking them to fill a form to become a part of the campaign.
  • Make an effective use of your website’s Facebook page. Post and promote offers that would require the users to sign up using email. Don’t forget to add social media sharing buttons on the landing page.
  • Post and publish the relevant offers link to LinkedIn and different groups within the professional network. 
  • Generate leads and grow email subscription list by promoting offers that require the visitors to sign up.
  • Keep your company’s YouTube channel up-to-date. Include options and a URL for the visitors to subscribe to the channel by entering the email address. 

With Effective A/B Testing

It is important to test the popups that you place within your website. Call-to-action is one of the biggest and important aspect to test. Whether a visitor takes a positive or a negative action depends on the quality of the call-of-action.

 popups that you place within your website
Effective A/B Testing


A poorly written call-of-action is bound to take the visitor away from the website. On the other hand, a nice-written and well-tested call-of-action brings in bucket loads of visitors. 

Here are some of the most effective A/B test ideas that can help improve the effectiveness of your popup significantly:

  • Change text color: Associate psychology with the color of the text. For example, red is often considered as a color of youth, while blue signifies trust and reliability. Green color has a calming effect and white reflects simplicity. Remember, the text color that stands out gets clicked more often. Similarly, you can choose to change the button color as well.
  • Add urgency: Adding “limited offer sale” and “get instant access” to your pop ups are a way to show the urgency of the offer. Urgency is considered as one of the best ways to improve conversion rate. It can be easily created by introducing a time limit or showing scarcity of resources.
  • Use numbers: You can use the call-of-action to show the actual number of users that have already signed up on the website by entering their email address. When the visitor actually sees the number, he knows right then they are not visiting just another random website. 

To conclude, an effective way to grow your email subscriber list is to get hold of certain long-term techniques. From the use of multiple display optin options to taking help from fancy email subscription systems and email list building software like ConvertPlug, there are a number of options that can help grow email subscriber list. 

The key is to understand the importance of retaining customer and improving conversion rate to make sure that the visitor enters his or her email address and signs up to the site. However, remember not to make the site and its services too complex for users to understand its actual usability.