How to Resolve the BAD_POOL_HEADER Windows Stop Code Blue Screen BSOD Error?

It often occurs that Windows users face the annoying Bugcheck BAD_POOL_HEADER Windows Stop Code Blue Screen BSOD Error. If you are also facing this problem, this guide is for you. Find out how you can fix this error code issue.The BAD POOL HEADER error is a type of error code issue or more precisely a type of internal kernel error. It affects Windows memory allocation and results in screen blackout. You may find it difficult to differentiate between this error and another blue screen of death (BSOD) error like the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION.
A BSOD may occur due to poor memory management or PFN LIST CORRUPT. It may also result due to drivers/applications having incompatibility with Windows. It is recommended to keep update drivers regularly.
The unique thing is that the BAD_POOL_HEADER error code may occur due to any number of reasons. This guide will help you in fixing this error.


What are the causes behind the Bugcheck BAD POOL HEADER Windows Stop Code Blue Screen BSOD PC Error Issue? The most common issues that could be the underlying cause of this error are associated with the following:
  • Device driver
  • Windows Blue Screen PC Error
  • BSOD
  • Bad Pool Error
  • Win32sk.sys BSOD
  • Disk writing errors
  • Cluttered disk
  • Faulty memory hardware
Steps to resolve the Bugcheck Stop Code BAD_POOL_HEADER Windows Blue Screen BSOD PC Error:

1. Reinstall your Windows

  • Get a Windows 7 installation disc and insert it once you have turned-on your system (you may also use a USB drive with the Windows 7 installation program on it)
  • Turn-off the computer and restart it
  • When it prompts, press any key
  • Follow all the instructions on the screen
  • Close the tab after completion

2. Refreshing the System

The next step to resolve the BAD_POOL_HEADER error code is to refresh the system.
  • Use the refresh key to do this or else use the following steps
  • Right click and choose refresh option
  • Close the tab

3. Restore Point

This step involves creating or using an existing Restore Point on your system. This method can help in resolving the BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x00000019 Error Code quickly.
  • Open ‘start’ and then ‘system’
  • Look for ‘computer’ and right click on it
  • Open ‘properties’
  • Look for ‘system protection’ and enter a description and then select the ‘create’ tab
  • Close the tab

4. Safe Mode Booting

Another thing you can do to resolve the BAD_POOL_HEADER Vista error code issue is to boot your system in Safe Mode.
  • Start your system in “Safe Mode with Networking”
  • Press F8 when the computer starts
  • You will see the hardware details on the PC and runs a memory test
  • It will show Advanced Boot Options menu
Once this process is completed, close the tab.

5. Undoing Recent Changes

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Look for ‘system restore’ using the search option
  • Open ‘system restore’ and follow the steps (wizard)
Close the tab once complete.

6. Restart the System

You can also use the following steps to resolve the Windows 10 Bad Pool Header error code.
  • Swipe in from the screen’s right edge
  • Open ‘settings’
  • select ‘power’
  • select ‘restart’
Follow these steps to resolve the Bugcheck Stop Code BAD_POOL_HEADER Windows Blue Screen BSOD PC error code issue.